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Women’s Forum Global Meeting

I’ll be speaking at the Women’s Forum Global Meeting in Paris, 5-6 October 2017. I’m taking part in a session about E-health (Health delivery to underserved groups) with a roster of excellent speakers, and we’ll be tackling issues around inequality that I explored to some extent in The Life Project. The meeting as a whole is subtitled ‘Daring to Lead in a Disrupted World’ and looks to be a really thought-provoking conference.


My TED talk

In April I gave a TED talk to the TED meeting in Vancouver, Canada. The speakers were told beforehand that this was the ‘Mount Everest of public speaking’ and I can confirm this is true: a 12 minute memorised, filmed talk in front of a theatre of 2000 VIPs is pretty intense. I spoke about a strand from my book The Life Project: what the studies of British children have shown about how to do the best for our children.

The meeting and the talk were an incredible experience – and you can see how I did in early October, when the talk will be published on the site!